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Remembering Robert Michaels


Rob lived a robust life full of love, faith, pride and purpose! He was a loving and dedicated husband, father and grandfather. His wife, Chris, children, Hollyn & DJ, and granddaughter, Brynn, were his most cherished and grateful blessings. Rob also dedicated his life to service within the military, law enforcement, chaplaincy and first responder communities. In his early days, Rob took on formidable waves as an avid surfer and later indulged in the Christian music industry, promoting 25 gold albums.  Rob was the CEO / Founder of Serve & Protect, a non-profit international organization dedicated to facilitating trauma resources for Public Safety professionals and their families. In launching Serve & Protect, Michaels returns to his roots. He served in law enforcement first with the 229th Military Police Battalion of the Virginia Army National Guard, as well as with Norfolk (VA) Police Department, both on patrol and in the detective bureau. Michaels began a 41 year journey beginning with service as a MP and Norfolk PD detective, 33 years in the music business to the founding of Serve & Protect, which he calls his “Recalculated Route.” Pro. 3:5-6

For every one of the over 7000 lives Rob has served, providing trauma services and peer advocacy, thousands more have been positively impacted. By ensuring that first responders are supported and able to continue serving/saving others throughout their communities, there is a profound ripple effect! Rob’s mission with Serve & Protect has had one of the most far-reaching and long-lasting impacts throughout his life of service. In reflecting on his legacy of Serve & Protect, Rob asked, shortly before his death, “What have we done”? The answer is clear, friends. What he and Serve & Protect has done is extraordinary and remarkable….just like the life’s work of Rob Michaels! Rob was a truly remarkable man…a beacon of light for ALL of us who knew him. His legacy of Serve & Protect will continue to honor his name and life’s purpose. Please pray that we all rise to the occasion and continue to serve him through our work at Serve & Protect.

In order to continue saving lives and helping those in the community, it is crucial that first responders have the support and resources necessary to maintain their own mental health and wellbeing. Rob Michaels saw this demand from firsthand experience and made it a pivotal priority of his. In 2011, through prayer and dedication, Rob Michaels founded Serve & Protect with the purpose of serving his fellow law enforcement officers and first responders. His mission was clear from the beginning: facilitate healing for those on the frontlines by orchestrating trauma-informed services and providing peer advocacy in times of need. For every life Rob served from his own experience as a first responder, he cultivated a deeper passion to initiate change and inspire hope for those in similar positions. Since the beginning of Serve & Protect, over 7000 first responders have been provided with trauma and peer advocacy services. Without Rob’s vision for this organization, none of this would have occurred. Countless lives have been positively impacted by Rob’s efforts through Serve & Protect, and numerous others will continue to be impacted through his legacy.


Rob will always be remembered as an extraordinary figure, constantly uplifting those around him and instilling hope in a population so vulnerable to defeat. From his signature leather Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops and leather fitted baseball cap, to his grayed hair and goatee, it is clear Michaels is rooted in the 60’s with a new millennium twist. After all, his first concert was Elvis Presley at the Norfolk Civic Theatre – in 1956 – at just 6 years old, and until he married, he worked to support his surfing habit and Birdwell Beach Britches. Just as unique as his style is his career path.

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