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At Serve & Protect, our mission is to protect those who protect us. We are dedicated to locating and facilitating trauma services to first responders and safety professionals who have experienced PTSD or other mental health challenges. Our goal is to provide access to resources that will promote healing, wellness, and resilience. We strive to educate and advocate on behalf of those who are in need and raise awareness about the importance of addressing PTSD in the first responder community.






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We believe in the inherent and intrinsic honorable character of those who choose public safety as a career; we further believe that these brave men and women pursue this noble path to serve their communities, save lives, and provide positive role models for those they serve. We believe that public safety careers come with specific pitfalls, specifically, witnessing traumatic and critical incidents that may leave residual invisible wounds, emotional scars manifesting in Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. We believe that Post Traumatic Stress is treatable, and that the professionals can be restored and preserved in their profession; we do not believe that PTSD is a mental disorder, rather, as the Alaska State Legislature so deemed, PTSD is in reality an emotional injury sustained from the job.

Ginny, TN

"Mr. Michaels, if I would have not spoken with you on the 11th of January, I am not sure which road I have may taken with my grief. To know that someone cared about a complete stranger and could look at me with compassion in his eyes and feel the need to help me and my family gave me Hope…"

Paul, TN

"My wife had ordered me to leave. I could see no resolve, no future, no hope.. I decided to take my life and drove seventy miles to a secluded road and parked my car at a peaceful overlook, cried, and began the process of ending my life. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a parked U.S. Park Ranger watching me and I couldn’t do it.  He didn’t know what I was doing, but God’s intervened and saved my life. A couple days later God sent another individual – through Facebook where I found  Serve & Protect’s Robert Michaels and made contact. Through his testimony and example I came to realize Serve & Protect helps individuals just like me find the hope I was seeking.  It has been a blessing to know I have this avenue for help."
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